Helena's trademarked "AGRIntelligence" business, often referred to as "AI" internally, was developed by Helena over 20 years ago to help our growers increase their return on investment by identifying what is working and preventing potential problems with their fields before they take root.


Our AGRIntelligence team focuses exclusively on creating new and innovative technologies and conducts in-depth analysis on soil variability, seed selection, nutrient and water availability, custom application needs, pest management, weed control and more. By engaging a variety of data collection and recordkeeping tools and resources, we are able to analyze each specific field and make recommendations to help guide our customer’s critical decisions in an effort to help make them more successful year after year.

Currently, our AGRIntelligence team is made up of over 200 experts working across the company in various roles to support our grower customers. Our experts embrace modern technology which has allowed Helena to help boost yields and leave a lasting impact on farms across the country for generations to come.

Helena's commitment to this constantly changing science has made us one of the nation's foremost agronomy solutions providers.