Helena Industries, LLC

For over 60 years, Helena's manufacturing business, which operates under the name Helena Industries, LLC, has provided formulations and packaging solutions for companies around the world. As one of the largest chemical toll manufacturer's and service companies in the U.S., we set the bar for the industry in ensuring the safety of our clients' technology, brand and assets with integrity and pride.


Our success begins with employees who embody our core values which we refer to as R.A.P.I.D.S. – Responsive, Attitude, Proactive, Integrity, Dependability and Safety.

At Helena Industries, you will find transparent and open communication. We care about our employees and value their opinions. We appreciate that our employees want to understand their contribution to the company's mission, that they take ownership of their responsibilities and then are trusted to perform.

In talking with our employees, you will hear them speak with pride about the role they play in making our company an industry leader. You will also discover a sense of unity and a strong team spirit because our employees are committed to having fun together and working together as a team.

At Helena Industries, you will find recognition for hard work and positive reinforcement through excellent benefits, competitive pay and daily workplace interactions.

If you are looking for stability, opportunities for growth and advancement and a family-oriented, community culture, you will find all of these when you join our team.