Life at Helena

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The Helena Family

At Helena, we are family. Our employees take care of each other and support each other at work and in their personal life. Our family-like atmosphere creates a positive work environment that allows our employees to be high-performers because they feel comfort and compassion from their leader and work team.


We truly have a family atmosphere here at Helena. From the vice presidents to our truck drivers, we treat one another as family. Our brand of "People... Products... Knowledge" isn't just a marketing tagline. We truly do have strength in all three of those pillars. These three pillars of our positive people, excellent products and knowledgeable resources is what makes us unique! Some of the greatest friendships I have are with my fellow Helena employees. That's a feeling that you will never get from another employer.

Jake Bonnell, Product Manager

North Central Division

Butler, IN

5 years #HelenaStrong

jake bonnell

Leadership at Helena

At Helena, we lead by example. Our leaders are expected to demonstrate the same qualities that we value in our employees – integrity, passion and accountability. Our leaders do more than just manage the day-to-day work environment, they are tasked with inspiring and empowering their employees to be the best they can each day. And when our leaders do that, success comes naturally. Helena has received several Top Workplace awards including a special Leadership Award and a Direction Award from The Commercial Appeal. These awards are given based on results from an employee survey conducted by a third party vendor.

Helena scored in the 99th percentile compared to other companies our size when our employees said:

"I believe this company is going in the right direction"

"Senior leaders are clued-in and understand what is really happening within the company"

Helena CFO, Jennifer Williams has also been recognized as Top CFO of the year by The Memphis Business Journal.

Our corporate and local leaders have always maintained a solid vision for our continued success. I believe they are suited to do this because many of them have filled a variety of positions at different levels within the company. Our current president started as an engineer that built processing systems and led plant operations before becoming a corporate director and now leading the whole company. The leader who brought me in started as a quality lab technician and now leads an entire division of Helena. Having these kind of extensive backgrounds gives our leaders great perspective and the ability to look at things from both a high level of business and from the outlook of the 'little guy'.

Kurt Weiss, Lab Supervisor

Helena Industries, LLC

Des Moines, IA

16 years #HelenaStrong

Kurt Weiss

Helena's commitment to diversity and inclusion


At Helena, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment where all our employees feel safe, valued and have the opportunity to succeed. We embrace different backgrounds and human experiences because our customers are also diverse.

Being in my first year of work after graduating from college, things can seem unfamiliar. My co-workers do a great job of guiding me through new tasks that can seem intimidating to a new employee.

Kevin Moser, AGRIntelligence Technician

Markle, IN

1 year #HelenaStrong

Kevin Moser

Being a disabled veteran, I decided that I needed a less physically demanding work environment and had to make a career change. Helena afforded me the opportunity to use many of my military skills such as leadership, policy/regulatory compliance, inventory, training and management experience to transition into an operations management role. The nature of agriculture business has a lot in common with the Army. When you're busy, you're really busy, plans can change on short notice and you have to have good decision-making skills. There is also a lot of 'hurry up and wait' time in the off season. I found a great position with Helena as retired military and I'm so thankful.

Michael Snethen, Operations Manager

Clinton, MO

1 year #HelenaStrong

michael snethen

Helena is a special place to be


Our family-like culture is centered on our successful business model - "People...Products...Knowledge." "People" being the first for good reason. When our employees are treated right and feel cared for, our customers thrive and our business grows.

Helena has been ranked one of the Best Places to Work for the 4th year in a row.

Top Workplace Winner — 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020

commercial appeal award

According to a recent employee survey conducted by an outside vendor, 74% of Helena employees said they feel engaged and enthusiastically engaged in the company.

"My job makes me feel like I am a part of something meaningful"

"I genuinely feel appreciated"

When the survey asked our employees to describe the culture at Helena with three words, here are the words they used:

word cloud

What makes Helena special to me is that I have the flexibility to accomplish tasks and make my own decisions on how to complete the goals asked of me. I feel like my leader never tries to get me to do things the way my peers do things. It's a good feeling to know that my company trusts me to make sound judgements when I am doing my job.

Corbin Abrell, Proprietary Products

Carmel, IN

5 years #HelenaStrong

Corbin Abrell

Why is Helena one of the Best Places to Work?

We will let our employees tell you:

Industry Leader

Helena is intentional. By that I mean; Helena doesn’t make knee jerk reactions like other companies. Instead, Helena carefully analyzes each business situation and comes up with the best solution for the long-term goal regardless if it is the cheapest or easiest.

Michael Crawford, AGRIntelligence Specialist

McGehee, AR

3 years #HelenaStrong

Michael Crawford

Quality Products

Besides the people at Helena, I would say Helena’s products are the top quality products in the industry. Promoting Helena and our products gives me confidence that the products I am selling will do exactly what Helena says they will do.

Steve Bailie, Sales Representative

Edgerton, WI

6 years #HelenaStrong

Steve Bailie

Career Growth and Advancement

Even though Helena has gone from a small town Arkansas agriculture business to a well-known, award winning company, we haven’t outgrown the heart this company was built on. This is demonstrated to us every day in the lives of the employees who work here and our many satisfied customers. Helena is the full package. The company manages their employees with care, there is plenty of growth potential and there is always room for advancement. There is no reason to go anywhere else.

Rebecca Cartwright, Credit Administrator

North Delta Division

Collierville, TN

5 years #HelenaStrong

Rebecca Cartwright

Business Ethics and Values

Helena bought my business after a 30 year run as an independent. I thought I would be slowing down in my professional life, but it’s been quite the contrary. I am currently running two facilities and working more. But there is a difference. Becoming a Helena employee has rejuvenated me in the agriculture industry. I really am enjoying what I am doing again. Helena might have to kick me out some day.

Ben DeHaven, Branch Manager

Walton, ID

3 years #HelenaStrong

Ben DeHaven

How We Treat Our Employees

Helena is a great place to work because we are a family not just a business. People truly care for each other, even our senior leaders. We are treated as individuals and not just another replaceable number. Helena always does their best to take really great care of us during difficult times. I would choose Helena again over any company because we are all treated with such respect and our leaders go out of their way to do things for us to keep morale up. Things that I’ve never seen any other companies do, let alone even care about. I truly feel Helena is all about keeping employees and customers happy, not just the bottom line… money. Helena goes to great lengths to make sure we are all comfortable and safe.

DeAnna Cabrera, Image RPS Associate, Accounts Receivable

Collierville, TN

2 years #HelenaStrong

DeAnna Cabrera