KickStand Manganese 4% X-tra is a dual-chelated micronutrient that contains EDTA and Bio-Active Technology, resulting in increased absorption of manganese by glyphosate-tolerant crops. KickStand Manganese 4% X-tra has good compatibility with most liquid fertilizers. It can easily be mixed without pre-dilution and reduces potential mixing problems with polyphosphate and orthophosphate solutions to help correct soil manganese deficiencies.

Kickstand Manganese 4% X-tra Highlights:

  • Increases absorption of manganese by glyphosate-tolerant crops
  • Helps correct manganese soil deficiency when applied with starter fertilizer solutions
  • Improves spray mix compatibility with glyphosate and most liquid fertilizers
  • Stable spray solution reduces risk of plugged nozzles and spray equipment
  • Compatible with orthophosphate- and polyphosphate-based fertilizers
  • Contains NutrAsyst Formulation Technology:
    • Improves plant ability to uptake nutrients (NPK and micronutrients)
    • Improves plant growth and can lead to an earlier crop
    • Maximizes fertilizer investment
    • Improves yield potential

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