YaraVita Glytrel MnP is a liquid manganese and phosphorus product formulated for foliar application to boost root growth and help soybeans achieve more energy for higher yields. It supplies boosting amounts of MN and P at critical growth stages to satisfy crop requirements. YaraVita Glytrel MnP contains a dual functionality protectant (DFP) system, which contains complexing compounds that ensure tank-mix compatibility with glyphosate and other mixes and protects the manganese and glyphosate from chemical tie-up.

YaraVita Glytrel MnP Highlights:

  • Boosts plant metabolism with immediate phosphorus and manganese supply
  • Improves root and plant growth with glyphosate application
  • Increases soybean yield over common foliar manganese fertilizers in field trials
  • Stays moist on leaves to provide superior uptake of the nutrients
  • Ready to use and easily tank mixable with common glyphosate formulations

YaraVita Glytrel MnP Product Resources: