Provonis is a unique, patent-pending liquid formulation of cloransulam-methyl designed to maximize herbicide spray efficacy. Provonis controls tough weeds, including glyphosate-resistant species, in pre- and post-emergence applications in soybeans. The liquid formulation has a built-in adjuvant system for superior coverage and absorption. Provonis improves speed of knockdown on key broadleaf weeds like marestail, morningglory and ragweed.

Provonis Highlights:

  • Flexible pre- & post-emergence control of tough broadleaf weeds
  • Patent-pending, liquid formulation provides knockdown & consistent control of weeds, including glyphosate-resistant species
  • Contains a co-formulated adjuvant system for superior coverage & absorption
  • Excellent compatibility with many pre- & post-emergence grass & broadleaf herbicides
  • Effective in all tillage systems

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