Trump Card is a combination of fluroxypyr and 2,4-D acid, which can be used in small grains, fallow cropland, non-crop farm areas and CRP ground. It is an effective tool on tough Kochia and other broadleaf weeds, featuring no phenoxy odor, low volatility and enhanced fertilizer compatibility.  Trump Card contains a co-formulated adjuvant for fast and complete absorption by weeds.

TrumpCard Highlights:

  • Co-formulated adjuvant system for faster and more complete absorption by weeds
  • Minimal volatility
  • Can be applied with liquid fertilizers
  • Complements performance of glyphosate and sulfonyl-urea products
  • Easier spray tank cleanout
  • Non-corrosive to spray application equipment
  • Stable in cold temperature storage
  • Contains Moveo Formulation Technology:
    • Enhanced absorption and uptake for more effecient weed control
    • Reduced odor versus amine and ester formulations for flexible use around sensitive areas
    • Improved compatibility with tank mixes to ensure performance and reduce down time
    • Reduces the total amount of active ingredient used per acre
    • Accentuates performance of tank mix partners by extending adjuvant functionality

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