Managing In-Season K Demand

To ensure your crops get the nutrition they need in-season, optimize your foliar nutritional program with Extractor®. As part of Helena’s AGRIntelligence® platform, Extractor uses innovative technology to help you make the best agronomic decisions on your farm. It takes plant tissue samples and analyzes them to determine overall health and nutrient levels of the plant. This allows us to better understand the true condition of the plant in order to make the right in-season adjustments.

If a potassium (K) deficiency is identified, Helena recommends foliar applications of Coron® Metra 10 B or K-Leaf® Versa. These new foliar nutritionals offer a safe source of K with ENC® Formulation Technology to enhance nutrient uptake, produce stronger, more productive plants, and enhance tank mix compatibility.

Coron Metra 10 B is an efficient source of controlled-release nitrogen plus plant-available potassium and boron. With a steady release of nutrition, it produces productive, uniform growth without the growth spikes of conventional fertilizers. K-Leaf Versa provides a highly concentrated source of 29% K. To further supplement your fertility program, it also contains chelated micronutrients.

To find the right products for your foliar nutritional program, let Extractor tissue sampling lead the way. Contact your local Helena representative today to get started.