Raising the Ceiling on Yield

How Plant Extracts Push Late-season Gains

When it comes to crop nutrition, there’s no doubt biologicals are the wave of the future. More and more farmers are turning to biologicals to maximize their resources, provide targeted nutrition, and manage plant health. For Helena, it’s been a more than 10-year journey to raise awareness on the importance of bioscience products that rely heavily on the power of plant extracts.

“Early on, there was a lot of skepticism about plant extracts, and that was understandable,” says Jacob Cottrill, Helena Product Manager for Missouri. “It’s complex. But over the years, we’ve seen how they can push yield, and when farmers can see that with their own eyes, they’re willing to give it a try.”

Helena’s strength comes from the performance of products such as Megafol, and most recently, Fullscale, a new foliar nutritional designed specifically for row crops. In soybeans, Fullscale’s ability to push yield late is undeniable.

“Fullscale has taken us to a new realm where we really haven’t been able to impact yield before,” says Reuben Koehler, Helena Sales Representative in Minonk, Illinois.

Fullscale is targeted at the early- to mid-reproductive stage, or R1-R5 in soybeans. While it’s typically applied with fungicides, Fullscale makes an impact even in the absence of disease. It provides three, highly-effective plant extracts, a blend of nutrients and ENC Formulation Technology to improve application performance. By meeting crop demand during pollination and increasing efficiency, Fullscale helps crops send resources where they’re needed most.

“The ability to increase nutrient flow during that time is a huge benefit of Fullscale,” says Cottrill. “It isn’t necessarily a good thing to have more pods if you can’t fill them. When we apply Fullscale, our soybeans can retain more flowers, put on more nodes, hang more pods, and they’re more efficient at filling them.”

Since Fullscale entered the market over two years ago, a variety of soybean farmers have experienced yield gains, commonly around four bushels per acre. However, that’s not the only way to judge a biological product according to Dan Scheetz, Helena Product Manager for eastern Iowa and northern Illinois. Consistency is just as important.

“You want to know that year to year, you’re going to see those yield increases,” says Scheetz. “That’s what Helena has been able to do in this space. We work with scientists that produce quality extracts that will provide that consistency, so you can have confidence in the product every season.”

For more information on adding Fullscale to your nutritional program or to learn more about how plant extracts push yield, contact your local Helena representative.