Enertia is an enzyme-based, biological soybean seed treatment that strengthens plant growth and yield potential by increasing microbial activity in the root zone. Using VersaShield Formulation Technology, Enertia’s enzymes pair perfectly with other soybean seed treatments and improve nutrient availability in the soil as roots develop. By effectively improving nutrient cycling, Enertia provides a strong foundation for healthy and vigorous crop growth.

Enertia Highlights:

  • Enzyme-based, biological soybean seed treatment
  • True catalyst of biological processes in soil
  • Increases microbial activity in the root zone
  • Enhances soil structure to prevent nutrient loss
  • Improves nutrient cycling
  • Strengthens plant growth and yield potential
  • Contains VersaShield Formulation Technology
    • Enzyme compatibility with fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides
    • Stabilizes enzymes for activity in harsh soil environment
    • Disperses quickly through soil to provide maximum effect to root zone
    • Starts working immediately
    • Stabilizes enzymes for season-long benefit
    • Longer shelf life

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