Field intelligence that helps you make the best agronomic decisions for your crops.

Through our industry proven AGRIntelligence program, Helena utilizes technology to improve the decisions you make on your farm.  With AGRIntelligence you can be confident that the decisions you make today make a positive impact on your farm for generations to come.

No two operations are alike. That’s why we personalize our business to your business. With AGRIntelligence, you get solutions tailored just for you — and access to the people, products and knowledge you need to succeed. We can assist you with data collection, analysis and recommendations, or provide the tools you need to collect, analyze and process the information yourself. That’s AGRIntelligence. Only from Helena.

For more information regarding AGRIntelligence and what it can do for your fields, please contact us at or visit the AGRIntelligence site.

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