In-season, environmental challenges can hinder your crop’s ability to take up nutrients in the soil. Full Bor provides superior fertility to address nutrient needs in-season. When applied directly to the plant, it provides more efficient uptake versus commodity fertilizers. With commodity fertilizers, plant roots have to take up nutrients in the soil, taking longer to reach the plant.

Coron allows a grower to make timely applications without hesitation on a growing crop.

Full Bor Highlights:

  • Controlled-release nitrogen plus boron with unique adhesive properties
  • Multiple formulations to address plant needs
  • Adheres to plant surfaces to increase nutrient uptake
  • Flexibility to address crop needs in-season
  • Mixes easily with crop protection products
  • Labeled for multi-plant use
  • Superior plant safety
  • Highest quality control & quality assurance standards in the industry

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