n-fixx, duro

N-Fixx Duro controls nitrogen loss through ammonia volatilization with trusted NBPT and new, patented duromide. With dual active ingredients enhanced with Flowtech Formulation Technology, it strengthens nitrogen protection and improves fertilizer applications.

Like NBPT, duromide is a urease inhibitor, but it breaks down at a slower rate. Combining these active ingredients makes N-Fixx Duro more resistant to soil degradation, which extends the window of nitrogen protection.

N-Fixx Duro controls nitrogen loss and increases efficiency in diverse growing conditions. With Flowtech Formulation Technology, it provides application benefits with both urea and UAN.

N-Fixx Duro Highlights:

  • Nitrogen stabilizer with NBPT plus duromide
  • Helps protect against nitrogen loss by volatilization
  • Consistent protection in soil types across a wide range of pH levels
  • Increase nitrogen efficiency to improve yield potential
  • Low use rates
  • Flowtech Formulation Technology:
    • Improves absorption & coverage on urea
    • Improves flowability of treated urea
    • Improves mixing & stability with UAN
    • Improves active shelf life on urea
    • Improves handling in cold conditions
    • More uniform distribution

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