Nucleus 0-0-21 13S is a high quality, liquid potassium (K) product that delivers K to the root zone for quick and efficient uptake. The unique qualities of Nucleus 0-0-21 13S give your crop quick access to K for stronger growth. It is also more mobile and soluble than other K sources and will not readily tie up in the soil.

Nucleus 0-0-21 Highlights:

  • Superior form of potash with low application rates
  • Highly concentrated, water-based solutions for use in agricultural crops, commercial turf and ornamental crops
  • Designed for fertigation or soil application
  • Non-corrosive liquids
  • Contains fertilizer additives
  • Easy to apply via drip, micro sprinkler and water-run irrigation
  • Compatible with insecticides and other fertilizers
  • Won’t clog irrigation emitters and filters
  • Elevates K levels in plant tissue
  • Immediately available sulfur source

Nucleus 0-0-21 Product Resources: