Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK Fe (6-21-2 0.2 Fe) is a neutral pH formulation that gives your emerging crop a head start on growth, while improving stand uniformity. By providing key nutrients, it strengthens plant growth and can potentially result in an earlier harvest from enhanced growth after planting. With Nutris Formulation Technology, Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK Fe increases nutrient availability that can result in improved plant vigor and enhances development of roots to improve yield potential. Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK Fe can be applied in furrow, 2 x 2, through drip tape or center pivot application. Contains EDDHA chelated iron ( Ferrilene 6) for use in high pH soils.

Nucleus Ortho-Phos NPK Fe Highlights:

  • Low salt, starter fertilizer
  • Effective at low rates
  • 100% orthophosphate
  • Neutral pH
  • Compatible with insecticides and other fertilizers
  • Not corrosive to application equipment
  • Seed safe
  • Designed specifically for high pH soils
  • Contains Nutris Formulation Technology:
    • Increases nutrient availability to the crop that can result in improved plant vigor
    • Enhances development of roots to improve yield potential
    • Drives faster, more uniform emergence
    • Maximizes fertilizer application


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