First Up LR is a triple-action soybean inoculant that helps improve early nodulation and root growth with an innovative formulation of Elite Strain Inoculant, patented LCO Promoter Technology® and Isoflavonoids (ISO). Together, these components improve soybean yield potential with earlier germination, improved root development and enhanced nutritional uptake and utilization.

By combining ISO with an Elite Strain of Rhizobia and LCO Promoter Technology, First Up LR can improve nitrogen fixation and vigor for a faster, stronger emergence at lower application rates.

First Up LR Highlights:

  • Improves germination & seedling vigor for faster emergence & stronger plant development
  • Increases root development for better nutrient & moisture uptake
  • Promotes earlier & more extensive nodule development
  • Improves nitrogen fixation
  • Allows a 37% reduction in application volume
  • Leaves more space on seed for other seed enhancements

First Up LR Product Resources: