K-Leaf Versa is a foliar nutritional that provides the most complete source of foliar potassium with ENC Formulation Technology. K-Leaf Versa contains a highly concentrated source of 29% K plus added micronutrients for increased strength and higher yield potential. With ENC Formulation Technology, it enhances nutrient uptake and minimizes spray application problems.

K-Leaf Versa Highlights:

  • Meets potassium needs at critical growth stages
  • Added micronutrients supplement fertility programs
  • Superior plant safety
  • Labeled for multi-plant use
  • Contains ENC Formulation Technology:
    • Enhances nutrient uptake to help correct plant nutrient deficiencies
    • Stronger, more productive plant with higher yield potential
    • Enhances tank mix compatibility

K-Leaf Versa Product Resources: