kickstand, cu

Copper is present in the soil naturally, but deficiencies are becoming more and more common. KickStand Cu provides an efficient, flexible source of copper that can be used in a variety of tank mixes and growing conditions.

KickStand Cu contains 7.5% EDTA-chelated copper. The combination of EDTA chelation and Helena's Asset Formulation Technology helps ensure copper is available at planting and during critical early growth stages. By improving the availability of copper, KickStand Cu enhances plant uptake and helps strengthen root growth.

With a stable, liquid formulation, KickStand Cu provides more ease of use than other copper sources. It also improves handling in cold conditions.

KickStand Cu Highlights:

  • Fully EDTA-chelated liquid copper nutritional
  • Addresses early-season nutrient needs
  • Asset Formulation Technology:
    • Aids fertilizer in promoting early root development
    • Higher nutrient & moisture uptake
    • Higher yield potential
    • Stronger plant growth that can lead to earlier harvest potential

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