Zypro delivers protected, consistent enzymes into the soil to maximize fertility programs by utilizing VersaShield® Formulation Technology. It kickstarts strong root growth and boosts nutrient uptake to increase yield potential. It optimizes the soil microbial community to help produce a stress-resistant plant. Zypro is  more compatible with fertilizers and pesticides than microbial products, and it starts working immediately, for up to 60 days.

Zypro Highlights:

  • True catalyst of biological processes in soil
  • Complements fertilizer additives
  • Kickstarts strong root growth
  • Optimizes soil microbial community
  • Boosts nutrient uptake
  • Helps produce a stress-resistant plant
  • Helps improves plant growth & yield
  • Contains VersaShield Formulation Technology: 
    • Patented formulation technology provides enzyme compatibility with fertilizers, fungicides & insecticides
    • Stabilizes enzymes for activity in the harsh soil environment
    • Starts working immediately & disperses through soil to provide maximum effect to the active root zone
    • Stabilizes enzymes for season-long benefit
    • Creates formulation longevity

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