Antares Prime is a liquid, patent-pending formulation of sulfentrazone and cloransulam-methyl for pre-emergence use in all soybeans, including new herbicide tolerant cropping systems. The unique ratio of active ingredients provides consistent, long-lasting control of troublesome weeds including pigweed, morningglory and yellow nutsedge. It exhibits outstanding crop tolerance for pre-plant application up to three days after soybean planting and provides maximum application flexibility for effective use in all tillage systems. With dual modes-of-action to manage weed resistance development, Antares Prime is the choice for a residual foundation in all soybeans.

Antares Prime Highlights:

  • Novel, patent-pending liquid formulation
  • Foundational clean, early start
  • Long residual control with unique ratio of active ingredients
  • Easily mixes with other pre-plant herbicides for expanded broadleaf & grass control
  • Flexibility to use in all soybeans & tillage systems
  • Excellent crop safety

Antares Prime Product Resources: