latigo, bold

Latigo Bold provides strength and speed during burndown with a powerful herbicide pre-mix. It contains dicamba and 2,4-D optimized by Moveo Formulation Technology.

Latigo Bold is highly compatible with common burndown herbicides like glyphosate. It has low viscosity, reducing thickness and making it easier to handle in spring and fall burndown applications. It contains a foam reduction agent and improves stability and clean-out with tank mix partners.

The co-formulated adjuvant system in Latigo Bold improves droplet deposition, rainfastness, leaf coverage, and plant penetration. Its non-ester and petroleum solvent-free formulation results in low odor and minimal volatility concerns.

Latigo Bold Highlights:

  • Burndown pre-mix of dicamba & 2,4-D
  • Provides quick & efficient control of annual, biennial & perennial weeds & brush
  • Excellent control against glyphosate- & ALS- resistant broadleaf weeds
  • Improves handling in cool temperatures
  • Enhances mixing, deposition, rainfastness, coverage & penetration
  • Improves stability & clean-out
  • Low odor & minimal volatility conerns

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