Outlaw is a highly effective, post-emergence combination of dicamba and a low-volatile 2,4-D ester in a petroleum solvent-free formulation. It features Moveo Formulation Technology to enhance coverage and improve compatibility with tank mix partners.

Outlaw Highlights:

  • Excellent broadleaf weed control
  • Excellent tank mix partner with glyphosate for spring or fall burndown
  • Excellent rainfastness (4 hours)
  • Low volatility
  • Contains Moveo Formulation Technology:
    • Enhanced absorption and uptake for more efficient weed control
    • Reduced odor versus amine and ester formulations for flexible use around sensitive areas
    • Improved compatibility with tank mixes to ensure performance and reduce down time
    • Reduces the total amount of active ingredient used per acre
    • Accentuates performance of tank mix partners by extending adjuvant functionality


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