Parlay is a three-in-one cereal herbicide with an optimized co-formulated adjuvant system. It provides selective, post-emergence control of tough broadleaf weeds and glyphosate-resistant species like kochia. Parlay is a convenient pre-mix of bromoxynil, fluroxypyr and MCPA. It offers excellent compatibility with grass herbicides to allow growers to control broadleaf weeds and troublesome grasses at the same time. With three herbicides and two modes of action, Parlay helps manage herbicide resistance and overall weed performance. It is also designed to help reduce the potential for time consuming and costly application issues.

Parlay Highlights:

  • Selective, post-emergence cereal grain herbicide & co-formulated adjuvant system
  • Dual modes of action improve weed resistance management
  • Controls a broad spectrum of troublesome broadleaf weeds, including kochia
  • Convenient pre-mix simplifies weed control
  • Excellent compatibility with selective grass herbicides
  • Co-formulated adjuvant system:
    • Enhances spray coverage
    • Maximizes absorption
    • Minimizes herbicide loss from bounce & evaporation

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