Sinister is a concentrated formulation of fomesafen co-formulated with a unique adjuvant system. It is an effective choice for control of tough glyphosate- and ALS-resistant pigweed and other resistant weeds.  Sinister is labeled to control over 50 broadleaf weeds and offers fast results and excellent residual activity.  Sinister’s unique formulation enhances coverage of foliage, reduces evaporation and increases weed uptake of glyphosate when added as a tank-mix partner.  It also improves compatibility of tank mixes with glyphosate and paraquat. Sinister contains up to 35% more active ingredient per gallon than standard formulations.  It is less likely to be affected by hard water antagonisms and is stable in cold temperatures.

Sinister Highlights:

  • Unique, concentrated fomesafen formulation
  • Low use rates
  • Covers up to 35% more acres per gallon
  • Fast acting post activity and excellent residual control
  • Controls weeds resistant to glyphosate and ALS herbicides
  • Improves spray coverage
  • Enhances uptake of glyphosate
  • Improves compatibility of glyphosate and paraquat tank mixes

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