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When it comes to water management, it pays to be sustainable. Resgenix™ is a water-use management tool designed to increase water-use efficiency in various soil types. Resgenix is a revitalized polyacrylamide formulation, designed to both increase water retention and infiltration in various soil types. It improves aggregation and increases pore space. This strengthens water-holding capacity and reduces standing water due to poor infiltration.

Unlike other water-use management products, Resgenix doesn’t require any special equipment for application. Its convenient liquid formulation can be applied through irrigation water or conventional spray applications with ease. Resgenix also eliminates time-consuming mixing problems with a versatile formulation that is compatible with most crop management products.

Resgenix Highlights:

•    Improves irrigation efficiency
•    Improves soil aggregation in all soil types
•    Strengthens water holding capacity
•    Helps mitigate erosion, run-off & soil moisture evaporation loss
•    Provides application versatility & easier mixing compared to market standards
•    Minimal phytotoxicity & safe for use in aquatic environments
•    Labeled for use through various conventional application & irrigation methods

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