Grape Wise

Grape Wise June & July Update

Weed management during the fall-winter season is critical for several reasons. Weeds can directly compete with grapevines for water and nutrients, which can affect vine health and yield. Additionally, weeds can attract harmful insects, mites, nematodes and diseases, and they can also provide habitat and food for vertebrate pests like gophers and ground squirrels. To maintain the health of grapevines and minimize the negative impact of weeds, effective weed management is essential.

The effectiveness of fall-winter weed management is closely tied to the condition of the under-vine berms going into the fall-winter period. If the under-vine berms are clean and weed-free, either through post-emergent herbicide control or under-vine cultivation during spring and summer, managing weeds in the fall-winter becomes much simpler. However, if there are significant residual weeds or weed escapes, additional measures must be taken in the fall-winter to control them effectively.

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