Almond Wise

Introducing Almond Wise from Helena, a program offering almond growers a season-long plan utilizing innovative products and technology. When you create an Almond Wise plan, our Helena experts will provide educational tools, agronomic information and expert recommendations throughout the growing season.

This month, we are preparing for almond bloom. Increased almond yields start with a strong bloom. Enhance your fungicide applications with nutritional inputs to support almond trees at reproduction. Learn more about the importance of bloom in our latest FieldLink article.

  • A high-quality blend of calcium, boron and zinc provides the nutrients required for a strong flower set. Helena nutritionals, including Brexil CBZ and Ele-Max CalBor Zn FL, provide targeted nutrition during pollination.
  • Strengthen vulnerable flowers with the unique solution of nutrients found in eXploit. eXploit helps produce stronger pollen tubes and boosts chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, resulting in better flowering, fruit set and formation.
  • Maximize your applications with Cohere or Dyne-Amic. These high-powered adjuvants provide enhanced coverage and deposition for optimum results.

When your almond yield is on the line, achieve your best bloom with Helena. Contact your local Helena representative to create your Almond Wise program today.

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