Almond Wise

What is Almond Wise?

This year’s almond yield determines next year’s bloom and crop load. An Almond Wise plan put together by Helena’s expert consultants and agronomist will ensure the proper start for next season with a post-harvest nutrition plan. Post-harvest applications are often considered the first application for the next season. Replenish the nutrients taken off by the crop, and set the foundation for your orchard when it starts to break dormancy and enter pre-bloom.

Helena provides nutritional and bioscience products promoting soil and tree health, as well as providing nutrient use efficiencies, in your orchards. In addition, with the arrival of fall, it is time to start planning for pre-emergent herbicide applications. Keep your orchard floor clean from beginning to end with Centrus, a two-in-one herbicide. Centrus boasts the power of Indaziflam and Rimsulfuron in one easy-to-use jug, advocating long residual pre-emergence herbicide activity.

Being Almond Wise means putting the right tools in place at the right time to maximize your almond crop, and ultimately, your ROI. When you create an Almond Wise plan, our Helena experts will provide educational tools, agronomic information and expert recommendations throughout the growing season. These tools include water, soil and tissue sampling with our AGRIntelligence services, plus data collection, analysis and solutions to maximize crop yield and quality.

To develop your Almond Wise plan, contact your local Helena representative today.

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